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He was only about 5 inches. Any shyness he may have felt quickly evaporated when Mary said, "Yeah, I think I can get that whole thing in my mouth.


I was definitely the odd many out. A short time ago, we were talking motorcycles, and then a few moments later, I'm here watching my wife suck one guy's dick, while another guy eats Before and after wife gangbang pussy. There is no way I could have predicted this. Then the inevitable happens. Fred stood up and started to rub his cock around her pussy. She gasped slightly, and then said the words I knew she was Before and after wife gangbang to say.

Two little words, spoken so softly they were barely audible, but La buena dieta rang like the thundering of a kettle drum in my head. Slowly and deliberately, his cock pierced the lips of her pussy. Slowly, slowly, slowly he pushed until his cock was so deep their pelvises were touching. The sound I heard was far from a just a sigh of relief. The sound I heard was like the Before and after wife gangbang of hot steel being quenched in cooling waters.

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Almost as slowly as he put it, he pulled it out. Then, "Agggh! Out slowly, then, "Agggh! I really don't know if Mike got his cock into her mouth again, so I can't say if she had two cocks in her at once. When I finally paid attention to Mike, Before and after wife gangbang was jerking himself off above her face. Soon, he shot his load on her face and chest.

For a little dick, he came a lot! Now all eyes were on Fred and Mary, though to them, the rest of the world didn't exist.

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Flash, another. Mary just lay back on the Before and after wife gangbang with her leg spread. Her pussy lips were Before and after wife gangbang and red from the fucking she just received. She was covered in cum' her hair; her face; her tits; her pussy. Yet here she was, having her picture taken. She didn't seem to mind. She had not yet had an orgasm herself. That fact is perhaps what prompted her to put her hand between her legs and start to masturbate.

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Before I could say anything, Fred chimed in and said, "Sure, jump in. Isn't she my wife? Isn't it my call who she fucks and who she doesn't fuck? Don't I get some sex, too?!?

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Those are things I should have said, but what I did say was Before and after wife gangbang. I stood there silently while Rob dropped his pants. I may have gasped audibly when his cock came into view. It was long; really long.

His cock was at least 10 inches. Fred and Mike both said, "Whoa! She kissed it. She stroked it. She worshiped it. How did it end? She was pretty nervous and downed several cans of beer prior to work up the nerve. We tied her lying Before and after wife gangbang her back, on the floor with her hands above her head tied to a table leg. There was conveniently some shaving supplies around and the tallest guy started shaving her pussy while I stuck my dick in her mouth and the cop felt her up.

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When she was shaved clean, that guy went off and got a large dildo,,it had like a sword Before and after wife gangbang with a long rubber dick attached, and, after licking his fingers and sticking them between her legs to be sure she was wet, put most of that dildo inside her with the first shove. It went in unbelievably easy.

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She was so wet, the slurping noises of her getting fucked with that thing was crazy. I went Before and after wife gangbang get a pair of scissors so we could move her away from the table, and as I left, he commanded her: I then returned and cut the nylons, although her hands were still tied together, just not to the table leg.

She looked down between her legs Before and after wife gangbang him dildo-fucking her, and he shoved a finger up her ass and she leaned back and closed her eyes with a big, pleasurable smile on her face and groaned.

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At that point, the cop put his dick in front of her, and Before and after wife gangbang gobbled it right up, like a fish going after a worm…. He had a reputation for being impotent, Dietas faciles an incredible pussy-eater, and I believe that, because she quit sucking that dick and moaned like I had never heard before, with her eyes rolling in the back of her head.

When she had finished the climax, he put that Before and after wife gangbang back in its place and picked the camera back up to resume shooting, wiping the pussy juice off his face with his arm. I started dildo-fucking her again, but she let us know she had enough of that, so I rolled her over on all fours and she began sucking the cop.

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Before and after wife gangbang, I wanted to do her last, but the taller guy was having some performance troubles, and there her ass was in the Before and after wife gangbang, rocking, so I did what any guy would do in that situation and fucked her as hard as I could. We spit-roasted her, and she was so sexy that way that I only last a couple of minutes before shooting inside her.

By this time, the cop was ready to fuck and the taller guy, who actually seemed to take the lead the whole time, put her on her back and they each were sucking a breast and caressing her, and she asked for a break, so we gave her one.

But, the cop had a raging hard on and put a rubber on, and he was pretty well-endowed, so she took one look at that and went back on all fours.

The taller guy sat in front of her face so she could suck him, and as the cop got behind her, she spread her legs and arched her back, preparing for him to enter, which he did easily, and she let us all know by her heavy panting and moaning that she was liking it a lot. I Before and after wife gangbang there, cupping her tits underneath, and the cop asked if I minded if he came inside her, and I told him that since Before and after wife gangbang had the rubber on, it was okay, and that conversation seemed to bring my wife even further along.

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Here is a partially true story I spun into a fantasy: I had just bought a motorcycle. Actually, I bought 2 motorcycles, but one was a parts bike. Neither was running, so I had to enlist two friends; Mike because he knew motorcycles, and Fred, because he had a truck. The guy I bought the bike Before and after wife gangbang was about 2 hours away, so by the time we got there, loaded everything into the truck, and got back home it was dark outside. I was excited to show off my purchase to my wife, Mary, so while the guys unloaded Dietas faciles truck, I went inside to get her. Inside I found her wearing Before and after wife gangbang black silk robe. Huge tits amateurs porn pictures And wife Before gangbang after.

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